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by zar on April 21, 2014

So, I haven’t been active on the blog for a long time, and I apologise for that. Last year wasn’t great for me healthwise; I had pretty bad anemia and wasn’t really doing any cooking per se, just red meat and veg.
Anemia is commonly known as a problem with not enough iron in the blood. Mostly this is due to not eating enough red meat but this was not the problem for me, I am a well know carnivore!
I was bleeding heavily each month and this got worse and worse. A fibroid was found on the outside of my uterus and the year culminated in such heavy bloodloss, I had a blood transfusion and then a hysterectomy. I feel very fortunate to have been able to make the decision about this without having to deal with the emotion of wanting to have children. My heart goes out to those women who do not have the luxury of an easy decision.
I have fully recovered now and looking forward to the rest of the year. I will be back posting recipes for you all.
There is one big change. I gave up fructose again last year, so I probably won’t be posting many recipes along the pudding line. On the other hand I will try not to preach to you. The I Quit Sugar way of life means that my weight has stabilized. In 6 months last year, I didn’t work out at all and I gained no weight. If I had been eating as I used to, I would have put on at least 5 if not 10 kgs. I really believe that some of us are more susceptible to sugar addiction that others and if you think this might be you then you may be interested in Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” book.


So I’ve previously written about the Thousands work out on this blog – many a time actually – I was introduced to it in America and then again at No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk. Basically – it’s 10 resistance exercises done 100 times each until you make up a thousand repetitions.

I go; Press-ups, Burpies, Squats, Lunges, Oblique crunches, Full sit-ups, Step-ups, Tricep dips, Bag throws and V-sits for example.  You can do it in bunches of ten or 100 of each straight up until finished.  I do the Thousands occasionally although I do need to be in a pretty robust frame of mind to push through it sometimes.

So, that’s the Thousands Resistance Stylie – now here’s a new concept.

Workout 2 – The Thousands Calorie burner!   Calorie counters on cardio machines aren’t ideal indicators of how many calories you are actually burning – we all burn at different rates and according to most of the trainers I have had, they’re kind of set up to represent a mid 20′s male who’ll burn a lot more then I will!  A good target is to aim for 100 calories every 10 minutes which is what you can conceivably do if you work hard. The new Thousands work out involves working my way around all the cardio machines until I have burned my way to a thousand calories.  Conceivably, I’m probably burning nearer 800 in that time but it’s a good round number to aim at.  The harder you go, the faster you get there – and I tend to involve interval training to get my heart rate up and down to help increase the burn and speed up reaching my target.  I like this workout once every few weeks for two reasons; firstly because it’s completely mindless and I can zone out and go to another place while on the cross-trainer/elliptical/rower/treadmill but also because it’s target setting.  I like the number 1000 – it feels satisfying when you work your way to it.

So having formulated a Thousands work out on the cardio machines to go with the Thousands Resistence Stylie I have since created a hybrid workout that involves both.  It’s about getting to 1000 in whatever way you like.  I go 5 circuits on the cardio machines (to make a count of 500 calories in all)  with 100 repetitions of 5 exercises inbetween… so I burn 100 calories on a treadmill, then get off and do 20 press ups, 20 sit ups, 20 squats, 20 lunges and 20 burpees. That’s a combined 150 reps/calories.  Then it’s onto the cross trainer to burn off another 100 calories on the counter before another 20 of the 5 circuit exercises and onto the rower and so on and so on.  Until I reach 1000.

Mad yes – but if you like targets, this is the workout for you!  There’s possibly a bit of OCD going on here with my current obsession with nice round numbers that add up to 1000, but it’s great exercise and a good way to see off time in the gym if you don’t want to have to think about what to do next.

Try it I say!!

8/1/14 Addition – today’s work out – ten minutes hard on each of the following Ellipitcal/crosstrainer/step machine/treadmill/skater/static bike until they totalled 600 calories then 400 sit ups.  Ha ha!! I am getting worse!!

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