Georgie – Hot Pants update 1

by georgie on October 6, 2011

Well – first workout in my ‘Hotpants’ over.

First impressions of my hotpants is that although they are knee length, they don’t actually cover my knees and I am forced to work out my with knees on show. Once I got over that vanity it was off to the gym.

They are, for all intents and purposes, like wearing a wetsuit to workout in.  They’re tight, and you can actually hear my thighs rubbing together when I walk/run in them which isn’t ideal..  They’re a little rough and ready around the waist too and I found that irritated my skin when I started to sweat.

When I finished my workout and took them off, they were SOAKED in sweat on the inside. And this, apparently, is how they are supposed to work – extra heat in the affected cellulitey areas, extra circulation which leads to less cellulite. I was soaked in a layer of slimy sweat, which was certainly not pleasant, but nothing a shower wouldn’t mend.

Anyhow – we shall see.  Little update, will go again tonight to the gym, and see whether we get any affects early next week.

GB x

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